ALAPP Argentina, The Latin American Association of Pedagogue Pianists (affiliated with EPTA) was founded in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in September, 2006. Branches throughout the country will eventually be established.

The association is meant to link piano teachers, students and piano music lovers to the latest musical activities of their interest .

Members of the Board are Valentín Surif, Estela Telerman, Alfredo Corral, Lilia Noguera, Ana María Mondolo, Martha Bongiorno, Guillermo Carro , and Architect Gloria Diograzia.

ALAPP Argentina’s goals are to improve piano teaching techniques by promoting research on different aspects of piano performance, teachers’ training, as well as to encourage the study of the instrument at all teaching levels.

ALAPP began its activities in September 2006 by offering piano recitals and a course devoted to the performance of piano works by Mozart on the anniversary of his birth, and Schumann and Ginastera on the anniversaries of their death. This first course was taught by visiting Argentine Maestro (now residing in London) Alberto Portugheis. It was attended by gifted young pianists from several Argentine cities as well as others from France.

During his stay among us, Maestro Alberto Portugheis performed three recitals in Buenos Aires and La Plata--his hometown--featuring piano works and songs with soprano Silvina Martino, and as a soloist with the FM100.3 Youth Orchestra conducted by Alfredo Corral.

From November 2 to November 6, 2006, Valentín Surif, Ana María Mondolo, and Estela Telerman (members of the ALAPP Board) and Estela Erdfehler (an ALAPP member) were invited by the University of Cuyo (Mendoza) to the Third Latin American Arts and Design Conference.

Pianist Surif’s presentation contributed to meet one of ALAPP’s goals, that of establishing close relationships with colleagues from different Latin American countries. The lecture by Estela Telerman and Estela Erdfehler dealt with the music event and the treatment of popular and classical music in the Argentine cinema of the 40s and the 50s. Professors Telerman and Erdfehler, drew a parallel between the social status of movie characters devoted to tango performance and those devoted to piano performance.

Other activities that took place in November 2006 included a Masterclass by Mirian Conti (New York), and the sponsoring of a piano recital by the U.S. pianist Elizabeth Joy Roe, the winner ot the "Mirian Conti-Argentina Prize for a Juilliard Pianist” Award.

In December, 2006, pianist Valentin Surif performed a program on Ginastera at the closure of the Ginastera Festival in London. Auditions took place in Buenos Aires for the selection of young pianists to perform in the 2007 Young Pianists Series .

2007 ALAPP International Pianists Series will feature Carmen Piazzini (Germany) , Valentina Díaz Frénot (Paraguay-France), Ratimir Martinovic (Montenegro), Antonio Formaro (Argentina) , and Eduardo Delgado (US.). ALAPP activities will also include masterclasses taught by Carmen Piazzini, Valentina Díaz-Frénot (French Piano Music), Dora Castro (Argentine piano music) , Oscar Macchioni (Specialist in Piano Pedagogy from the University of Texas) , Eduardo Delgado (California State University Fullerton).

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